September 2009

If you get the error from your jsp file then you might have done an

“accidental mix and match JSTL versions”

See the link [☼

So what you will have to do is

Just change

<%@ taglib uri=”; prefix=”c”%>           to

<%@ taglib uri=”; prefix=”c”%>


If you are a Java progrmmer, your favourite IDE is Eclipse and you want to learn Hibernate then I will suggest you to follow the link

This is a very nice tutorial for anyone who wants to test hibernate in eclipse.

Just follow all the examples. Last page of every section includes a very simple source code.

This is an old presentation that I took for my office seminar.  Recently I uploaded the presentation in .pdf format.

For .ppt file

Cellular Automata Presentation file .ppt

This is a presentation that I took on August 2008 for my office seminar. Recently I uploaded the presentation file in .pdf format.


For .ppt file please visit



Erlang presentation .ppt file