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Sharing broadband internet between two pcs with 3 NICs


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This is the description of my experience. May be I did wrong, I did unnecessarily a lot. But I did it. I should thank my friend Zubair for his help. You can follow this.

Say two computer named A and B. Both are running windows XP sp2.

– has two NICs say named NIC_A1 and NIC_A2.
– NIC_A1 is used to connect to the broadband internet.
– NIC_A2 will be used to share this internet to computer B.
– Internet provider gave the following settings to the NIC_A1

ip:                      10.–.–.– [not written for safety]
defaultgateway: 10.–.–.– [not written for safety]
preferred dns : 202.–.–.– [not written for safety]

Internet provider also took the mac address of NIC_A1 for their identification

-has a NIC say named NIC_B1. This will be used to build the local LAN between computer A and B.

The procedure:
1) First confirm that local LAN is okay.

1.1) Configuring NIC_A2

1.1.1) Right click on NIC_A2.

1.1.2) Go to Properties.

1.1.3) Deselect all but the last

1.1.4) Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Go to properties and set the following things



1.1.5) Turn off firewall.

1.2) Configuring NIC_B1

1.2.1) Do the same as above.

1.2.2) but the configuration will be like the following

ip:                192. 168. 0. 13

subnetmask: 255. 0.0.0



1.3) check local Lan is okay

1.3.1) ping each other.

2) Sharing internet from A

2.1) right click on NIC_A1 and go to properties

2.2) Go to advanced

2.3) Select network setup wizard link from below.

2.4) follow the links until you reached a window with 3 radio buttons option where you are asked to select one of the 3 options. Select the first one i.e. your computer is directly connected to the internet.

2.5) do the next works until you are asked to make a network setup disk.

2.6) enter your pendrive into the computer. and do create a disk into the pendrive.

2.7) then take the pendrive into another computer B. Run the script.

2.8 ) In this case you need not to build any disk at the last step. Select the last option.

2.9) restart computer B

3) Check whether connection is okay.

3.1) ping from both computer.

i.e. ping from B to the

ping from A to the

3.2) ping from B to the default gateway address of NIC_A1

ping from B to the predefined dns of NIC_A1

ping from B to the

3.3) If everything is okay Enjoy.

4) Turn on firewall at NIC_A1 and check if everything is okay.


[The best link you can see is